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As well as within Australia, Ventriloquist Court® currently ships to the following destinations: USA, Canada, Japan & East Asia, New Zealand, and all of Europe (except Germany).


Scroll down for instructions on how to add items to cart, as well as for shipping and other important information including Ventriloquist Court®’s policies on exchanges and refunds!

Ventriloquist Court’s Collections  

Are available for tailor-made, with a select number available for purchase as ready-made in standard regular sizes. All orders placed via ventriloquistcourt.com receive free shipping!


For the fashionista seeking a custom-designed gown or costume (i.e.) designed and made especially for her, click on the button below for more information.

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How PayPal Works


To add items to cart, click on the ‘buy now’ button below the item description, and then check out using paypal.

To add additional items, click on ‘continue shopping.’ Payment options include credit card and paypal funds. 

To check out using your Paypal account, click on ‘Paypal Check Out.’ Paypal also allows ‘guest check out’ using a credit card/ debit card, for those who do not have a paypal account. For guest check out, simply select the ‘Check Out’ button once you have finished adding items to cart and are done shopping. 

Rest assured that paypal does not disclose buyers’ financial details with sellers. No customer financial details are stored or processed by ventriloquistcourt.com. All payment is processed by paypal, which uses SSL encryption to safeguard the financial information of customers.


All orders (both Australian and international orders) placed via ventriloquistcourt.com receive FREE SHIPPING! 


International Orders

Under $150 AUD: Orders under $150.00 AUD ship as international economy airmail (no signature confirmation nor online tracking). Both standard international and economy airmail take around 2 weeks for international delivery. Shipping upgrades to express post is available upon request; extra charges apply.

Over $150 AUD: Orders with an item total over $150.00 AUD ship by standard international airmail with online tracking.

Over $600 AUD: Orders with an item total over $600.00 AUD automatically ship by express post (usually delivers within 4 business days to major metropolitan areas) with online tracking and signature delivery.

For shipping upgrades, request an invoice. Please include your full name, email, shipping address, and a list of the items (with the product codes) you would like to purchase. Your invoice will be emailed to you with express postage added).

Australian Orders

Under $100 AUD: Orders under this amount ship as regular parcel parcel post with online tracking, but no signature confirmation. Regular parcel post usually delivers in 3-5 business days.

Over $100 AUD: All orders with an item total over $100.00 AUD ship by express post (online tracking, but no signature confirmation). Express post between Australian cities usually takes 2 business days (but 4-5 business days for W.A. orders)

Over $150 AUD: Orders with an item total over $150.00 AUD ship by express post with added signature confirmation in addition to web tracking.


All garment prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). Paypal will convert this to your currency at checkout. Note that all garment prices are not inclusive of any customs taxes. Buyers are responsible for paying any customs taxes (such as VAT for European customers). Normally, customs taxes are collected by the national postal service (for example, Royal Mail, Deutsche Post etc) on behalf of the government, and they are payable at local post offices.

Whilst Ventriloquist Court® cannot offer any clothing discounts to international customers who may need to pay customs taxes to their respective governments, please expect to see a small gift or two in your package as a thank you from Ventriloquist Court® for your order!


Effective from 10 March 2016 and applicable to some US states, the US government will only impose customs taxes (duty) on international goods if the total value is over $800 USD (= $1, 000 AUD).

However, many US states now collect sales tax on online purchases.

The sales tax rate for the purchase of clothing varies across US states. For instance, at the time of writing (02 April 2019), the state of Oklahoma imposes a 7% sales tax rate on clothing.

Ventriloquist Court® is unaware of the process of how US states collect sales tax (presumably, sales tax would be payable at the buyer’s local post office/ or perhaps USPS would bill the buyer upon receipt of the package and allow for online payment).


Exchanges: YES (contact within 3 business days, and return within 7 business days)
If your garment does not fit well or if it arrives damaged, you must contact Ventriloquist Court® within 3 business days of delivery with photographs showing proof of ill-fitting or damage, and then wrap up the garment in appropriate packaging and lodge this package containing the garment at the post office within 7 business days from the date in which you received your package. Return shipping is covered by Ventriloquist Court®. A new garment will be made as soon as possible and shipped out to you only upon receipt of the returned garment.
Full Refunds: YES for missing packages
In the rare case that your package goes missing in the post, your options are either a full refund or to request a new garment (which will promptly be made for you and then shipped out to you as soon as possible). A missing package is the non-arrival of a package sent to Australian addresses by 15 business days, or non-arrival of an international package by 25 business days.
Refunds for customers who’ve change their minds: NO
Apologies, however, much time and effort goes into the hand-making of each custom garment made specifically to fit a customer. Ventriloquist Court® is a small handmade business, and cannot afford to issue refunds simply on the basis that customers have changed their minds about a purchase. This strict no refund for completed orders policy is a safeguard against fraudulent purchases, and applies only to completed orders, not to cancellations made prior to shipping. A full refund will be issued to customers who request a cancellation of their order prior to shipping.


For customers whose measurements are the following (bust: over 39 inches, waist: over 35 inches, hips: over 40 inches), please contact me first with your measurements for a quote. There may be an additional fee to cover extra fabric expenses as well as for the extra time needed to draw up garment patterns and to create textile art (additional pleating, hand sewing and use of floral buds, additional buttons etc).

After a price is agreed upon for the garment/s, you will be directly invoiced by email and have the option to pay by Paypal funds or credit card processed by Paypal guest check out.


Click on the link below to download a PDF copy of Ventriloquist Court®’s customer privacy policies including detailed information about how customers’ data is used.

VENTRILOQUIST COURT’s Customer Privacy Policy

Ventriloquist Court®’s Etsy store

A select number of designs is also available for purchase from Ventriloquist Court’s Etsy store (Etsy is an international e-commerce online marketplace for handmade and unique goods). Click on the Etsy banner below or visit: https://ventriloquistcourt.etsy.com