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ABN: 29775142993

Ventriloquist Court® is a registered trade mark

**NO Spam Emails. NO SEO & advertising proposals. Thank you


CONTACT FORM – General Inquiries/ Customer’s Measurements

For inquiries not answered on the FAQs page, or for customers who are sending their measurements, please leave a message using the online contact form below.

Expect to see a reply email within 1 business day from ‘Rai Keodara’ whose email address is with the subject heading: [Ventriloquist Court®] Contact. Be sure to also check your junk mail folder, in case it shows up there.

International customers, please write your message in English only. Many thanks for your kind understanding.


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Return Address for Exchanges & Phone Contact

As a sole trader and textile artist whose business is handmade, I do not publicly make my full address and phone contact available on this website, in order to protect myself from spam marketing. However, customers who would like to return garments for an exchange are welcome to contact me via the online contact form above or via email for my full address and/or phone contact to speak over the phone about orders.



Photographers/Magazine Editors

I’m always keen to work with photographers and magazine editors who are interested in featuring my designs. However, I will only agree to serious proposals. Before contacting me with a proposal for a collaboration, please take a moment to look through my design collections.

Please also keep in mind that when I read your message or email, I will be asking myself the following questions:

* Does this photographer’s style or magazine’s overall theme fit in with my label?

* Is this photographer genuinely interested in a collaboration for the purpose of mutual promotion? Has she or he ‘liked’ my facebook page, followed me on instagram, or subscribed to my youtube channel to show a genuine interest in my designs? Or, is he or she only interested in acquiring garments for a photo shoot, without any interest in helping me to promote my label?

* How professional is this photographer or magazine editor? Will he or she properly credit my brand name? Will I receive usable photos for my websites and social media platforms as promised? Will I receive my garments back in good condition?

The photographer or fashion magazine must be prepared to cover return postage for me to loan samples for the photo shoot/s. I also require a ‘security deposit’ of $200 AUD from photographers & fashion magazines whom I have not collaborated with previously.

Once I receive my garments back and once My label, VENTRILOQUIST COURT®, is acknowledged in the credits accompanying online or print publications of the photos, I will return the security deposit in full. I will of course fully acknowledge the creative team. Thank you.


Trademark Disclaimer
To the best of my knowledge, unless otherwise indicated in Ventriloquist Court®s product listings, any fabric prints used are unlicensed products bearing no visible trademark and therefore are allowed for commercial use into making finished products without the need to take out a licence application. No trademark can be identified on the selvedge or anywhere else on the fabrics nor on the fabric product listing at the time of purchase.
Ventriloquist Court®s clothing designs also use a large range of haberdashery and costume materials (buttons, laces, string, chains, charms, etc), which are either unbranded or branded and protected by a registered trade mark. However, these brands/trade mark are generally not named in the item listings, as different haberdashery and costume materials are used in each ‘replica’ clothing design; that is, no particular brand/trade mark is essential to create a Ventriloquist Court clothing design. For instance, a skirt may have embellishments of black chains and lace and ‘bird’ design charms to create a gothic style, but each ‘replica’ quite often features different bird charms and different black lace designs.
If I am misinformed and you are a trade mark owner who does not wish your supply materials to be used for making finished products for sale, please contact me, and I will ensure that I never use your supply materials for any of my creations. If I have inadvertently used any licensed products protected by a registered trademark without the proper due acknowledgment, I have done so without any association/affiliation with or sponsorship from those licensed products or trademark owners.