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Origami Bird Dress
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A 3pc consisting of a high-neck collar, a mini dress, and a tie-on bustle trail, the origami bird dress is a foray into texture, shape, and concept!

Though inspired by Victorian period fashion, the high-neck collar is a removable modern art conceptual fashion piece embellished with rows of origami cranes. The colour scheme is a celebration of indigo shades, with the darkest indigo cranes sewn onto the bottom, medium-indigo in the middle, and the lightest indigo along the neckline. Each origami crane is individually folded and hand-sewn into place with vintage Japanese pearlescent plastic beads in an ivory colour. The origami cranes scale from small to large: small along the neckline, and large at the bottom of the collar. The indigo fabrics used are artisanal indigo cotton: a mix of medium-weight plain indigo cotton handwoven by Hmong villagers, tie-dyed medium-heavy handwoven indigo cotton, medium-heavy handwoven indigo cotton hand-dyed for an ombre effect, and lightweight plain indigo cotton hand-dyed by artisans in Shenzhen, China. The middle of the front collar features a large white flower made from handwoven Indian cotton organdy. The fabric used for the back of the collar is a beautiful indigo ombre, complementing the indigo colour scheme of the origami birds on collar’s front. The collar closes at the back with medium-size vintage glass buttons hand-painted with a blue floral design by artisans in Czechoslovakia in c. 1960s.

With an A-line silhouette, round neckline, and a mid-thigh hemline, the dress has a minimalist design to counter the details of the collar. Fully lined, the dress is made from thin blue-grey linen made in Lithuania. The dress is darted for fitting: five vertical stripes down the middle part of the front bodice, two bust darts, two vertical darts on the back of the bodice, three vertical/diagonal darts on the front skirt, and two diagonal darts on the skirt’s back. The dress is embellished with flowers made of sheer and stiffened white cotton organdy handwoven by artisans in India. They are finished with close zigzag stitching and a raw cut created from arch-shaped shears.

Made from a mix of unique fabrics, the textures of the bustle trail are a celebration of textile art! The bustle trail can be tied-on to the side or to the back of the dress to form a bow. The wrap part of the trail, made from medium-heavy weight tie-dyed indigo cotton, is embellished with an array of origami birds ranging from light to dark in colour, and small to large in size. The trail bustles into ‘knots’ and is finished with close zigzag stitching, and it is made from lightweight semi-sheer pastel blue Lithuanian-made linen gauze.


TURNAROUND: 3-4 months (rush orders are unavailable for this dress).
CUSTOM-MADE: Please send me your measurements via the contact form below (before placing your order, in order to avoid disappointment). In rare cases, I may be unable to work with your measurements.
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Please use the form below to send me your measurements (preferably prior to placing your order). Include your back shoulder width, bust, underbust, waist, hips, and your height. 

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