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The Victorianaland collection is suitable for the fashionista after eco-friendly avant-garde art gowns; the Cottage Tea, Steam Woodland, Ventril Court, and Steam Circus collections combine a touch of textile artistry with steampunk, visual kei, circus, bohemian, and cottage styles for costumes designed with modern-day fitting in mind.

Victorianaland Gown Collection, 2018

Shop Victorianaland

Featured Designs, 2016-2017 ‘Steamwrecked by the Sea’ Collection

Shop Steamwrecked | ©2016-2017 VENTRILOQUIST COURT®

Featured Designs, 2014-2015 Collections

Shop Cottage Tea  | © 2014-2015 VENTRILOQUIST COURT®
Shop Steam Woodland  | © 2014-2015 VENTRILOQUIST COURT®
Shop Steam Circus  | © 2014-2015 VENTRILOQUIST COURT®
Shop Ventril Court  | © 2014-2015 VENTRILOQUIST COURT®

Trademark Disclaimer
To the best of my knowledge, unless otherwise indicated in Ventriloquist Court®s product listings, any fabric prints used are unlicensed products bearing no visible trademark and therefore are allowed for commercial use into making finished products without the need to take out a licence application. No trademark can be identified on the selvedge or anywhere else on the fabrics nor on the fabric product listing at the time of purchase.
Ventriloquist Court®s clothing designs also use a large range of haberdashery and costume materials (buttons, laces, string, chains, charms, etc), which are either unbranded or branded and protected by a registered trade mark. However, these brands/trade mark are generally not named in the item listings, as different haberdashery and costume materials are used in each ‘replica’ clothing design; that is, no particular brand/trade mark is essential to create a Ventriloquist Court clothing design. For instance, a skirt may have embellishments of black chains and lace and ‘bird’ design charms to create a gothic style, but each ‘replica’ quite often features different bird charms and different black lace designs.
If I am misinformed and you are a trade mark owner who does not wish your supply materials to be used for making finished products for sale, please contact me, and I will ensure that I never use your supply materials for any of my creations. If I have inadvertently used any licensed products protected by a registered trademark without the proper due acknowledgment, I have done so without any association/affiliation with or sponsorship from those licensed products or trademark owners.


For any questions regarding Ventriloquist Court®’s collections, please use the contact form below.

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