Eco-Friendly Vision

Ventriloquist Court

Many garments by VENTRILOQUIST COURT® are made from natural fibres including linen and cotton, with a strong preference for quality Australian-made cotton, European linen made in Lithuania and Belarus (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified), and Indian artisanal cotton – many are plant-dyed and a select few are organic. Where man-made fibres are used, eco-friendly alternatives such as polyester felt made from recycled plastic bottles are favoured (USA-made fabric). Other favourites are vintage cotton lace trims and USA-made organic cotton tape zippers where available, in addition to vintage Czech glass buttons, vintage Japanese plastic beads, and Indonesian recycled glass beads made from old television screens, bottles, and windows. Customer enquiries about materials are more than welcome!

VENTRILOQUIST COURT® aims to promote a sustainable vision and vegan-friendly alternatives. All garments are vegan, with the exception of some which use silk. However, the only silk used is peace silk harvested from empty cocoons which have been discarded by the silkworms as they emerge as moths as part of their natural life cycle; the fabric is handwoven by Indian artisans.

I am a long-time vegan who is open-minded about peace silk and appreciate its contribution to artisanal communities in India and elsewhere. I only use silk labelled as peace silk by my fabric suppliers of artisanal fabrics. However, currently no certification body exists to oversee and certify the cruelty-free production of peace silk. I do appreciate that peace silk supports traditional textile production in rural communities as well as environmentally-friendly practices: the handweaving of fabrics on vintage looms has no energy consumption and the hand-dyeing uses low-impact dyes. Becoming a lacto-vegetarian at age 15 and then vegan at age 21 (now 34), I fully understand how difficult it can be to find alternative garments which are eco-friendly but also suitable for formal events. I hope that my label can cater towards vegan, vegetarian, and environmentally-conscious customers.

Customers are more than welcome prior to purchase to make requests for a quote for a change in fabrics and materials; for instance, where available, linen could be substituted for silk, or plant-dyed handwoven cotton for regular cotton, etc.

Although it is still early days, my greatest hope is for Ventriloquist Court to develop into an alternative fashion line known for a creative and unique artistic vision and for a progressive and inclusive philosophy of offering handmade garments at below-studio prices.