Ventriloquist Court


Ventriloquist Court® is an Australian couture label of modern Victorian costumes and eco-friendly, textile art elegant wear handmade in Sydney.

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VENTRILOQUIST COURT® was founded by Rai Keodara in December 2013, specialising in modern Victorian custom-made garments. The label offers Steampunk, Bohemian, Woodland, Cottage, Circus, Gothic, Fantasy, and Visual Kei styles, with an ‘antique’ twist combining Victorian aesthetics with avant-garde textile creativity. Each garment has its own story to tell, made of such materials as organic, handwoven, and plant and herbal-dyed cotton, natural linen, recycled plastic felt, and handwoven peace silk, with vintage plastic beads, vintage Czech glass buttons, and cotton lace trims.


Celebrating textile artistry, eco-friendly materials, and artisanal textiles, the Victorianaland collection showcases high-fashion gowns evoking nostalgia for the detailing of Victorian-era costuming, whilst pushing the boundaries of textile shape, colour, and textures as influenced by contemporary avant-garde design.


TEA (Romantic Victorian Eco Cottage Attire) | Shop Now
STEAM (Eco Steampunk Woodland & Vintage-style Circus) |
Shop Now Steam Woodland | Shop Now Steam Circus
VENTRIL COURT (Avant-Garde, Gothic Fantasy, & Visual Kei Attire) | Shop Now
STEAMWRECKED BY THE SEA (Seaside Memories Meets Navigation) | Shop Now


Although designed as part of a collection, each garment is a statement piece suitable for wedding, birthday, and tea parties; graduation and book launches; fashion shows, photo shoots, and other creative arts and cultural events including art-gallery openings, themed conventions, theatrical and stage performances, festivals; as well as Halloween and unique street fashion taking couture onto the streets!


Ventriloquist Court® also offers a custom-design service available to the fashionista seeking a truly OOAK gown or costume designed and made especially for her special event!


Australian National Costume for Miss World Tourism – Read the full story!


4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Nicole Beaudoin said:

    Wow! I ordered two outfits from Ventriloquist Court and was so impressed with Rai and her personal treatment. She sent pictures of every stage of creation of my outfits and each item arrived carefully wrapped with her magical touch. These clothing items are works of art and wearing them plunges us into a magical world of airships and flying machines, deep sea adventures and romantic steam engines. I love love love this amazingly unique and magical world that is Ventriloquist Court…just can’t say enough…Nicole Thunder Bay Canada

    • Hi Nicole! Wow, I simply cannot thank you enough for your kind and incredibly encouraging feedback! I really appreciate it when customers take a moment to leave me feedback, but I was not expecting this at all! I’m over the moon that you’re happy with your custom-made steampunk outfits. After reading all of this, I’m more motivated than ever to keep working on new designs (and of course indulging myself in the world of steampunk whimsy)! A million thanks again.


      Rai (Ventriloquist Court)

  2. Amanda Till said:

    I ordered a top and skirt from Rai for my wedding and it is the first time I have ever had anything made for me so I was quite nervous. I was also quite unsure about if it would be how I imagined. The outfits arrived, with regular updates as they were being made, and Rai spent so much time with me, making sure that it was just perfect. She is simply delightful and I can’t wait to order something again. Not only was the process a beautiful nurturing experience, the clothes are divine. The workmanship is stunning and I feel like I’m wearing an art piece, in fact, I know I will be when I finally get to wear it. I couldn’t recommend her more. She’s a wonder! Thanks so much Rai! It’s going to be amazing to wear your beautiful clothes. Amanda

    • Thanks so much Amanda! When I first read your feedback, I was speechless… I cannot express how much I appreciate your warm and encouraging words. As a sole trader, it can get lonely, if it were not for such thoughtful feedback from my customers. I’m absolutely delighted that everything is a great fit, and simply cannot wait to hear good news about your big day. I owe much of the inspiration behind my costume work to the creative styling of my customers. No costume piece is truly ‘finished’ until it reaches the customer and is incorporated into her own style. It has been a great pleasure to have been privy to your creative styling ideas and vision for the outfit – from matching steampunk boots to everything else!

      Warm hugs,

      Rai (Ventriloquist Court)

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